January 29th-31st, 2022 – Guiding the Development of Intercultural Consciousness In Training and Education

Intercultural consciousness is the underlying condition of intercultural sensitivity, cultural and intercultural competence, Cultural Intelligence™, and Intercultural Viability™. Whatever academic or marketing term is used to refer to it, the basic condition of intercultural consciousness is one that focuses self-awareness, meta-cognitive agility, and emotional resilience on adapting successfully to cross-cultural and multicultural environments. This course outlines how to coordinate in training and education programs the practical application of a constructivist paradigm, a developmental model, and coherent activities, towards the end of guiding ourselves into a new evolutionary adaptation.

Faculty: Milton J. Bennett, Ph.D

February 1st-3rd, 2022 – Embodied Culture: Discovering the Feeling of Self and Other in Cultural Context

While the idea of “culture” is an abstraction, the actual experience we have of culture is a very concrete one. Borrowing a concept from Humberto Maturana, I have defined culture as “the praxis of living of a coordinated group of people.” Coordination within groups depends on people having a shared experience of everyday life in a particular context, such as a national, ethnic, or professional one. Human beings live life through their senses, both literally and metaphorically. Thus, our individual and collective embodied experience is a key concept for understanding culture. Culture frames the perceived experience of the senses in a particular way so that we give meaning, attribute value and feel emotion in resonance with groups of affiliation. This raises the issue of the construction of our cultural identity: how aware are we of the process, how conscious are we of the fact that it is inscribed in our body? Integrating multicultural identity means dealing with the dynamics of this process and framing them intentionally. This course will activate this long journey of discovery that leads to incorporating intercultural competence into one’s praxis of living.

Faculty:  Ida Castiglioni, Ph.D.



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