August 1, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 6:30 pm
Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH



This one-day workshop is intended for faculty and administrators of study abroad and other international education programs. It is designed to stand alone as an overview of how to use “constructed observational categories” in pre-departure on-site intercultural learning programs. The workshop could also be taken as further practical application of the 3-day course in Intercultural ​Learning: ​Applying ​the ​New ​Paradigm ​to ​International/Multicultural ​Education.


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Recognize the constructivist conceptual framing of intercultural learning
  2. Understand how etic categories are constructed for the purpose of identifying relevant cultural differences, analyzing interaction, and informing adaptation.
  3. Learn a framework of five observational categories that are particularly useful for guiding intercultural learning through interaction
  4. Practice selected exercises that are useful in teaching and debriefing the categories



  1. Presentation/discussion of conceptual framework
  2. Illustration of the observational categories with well-established examples
  3. Facilitation of participant contributions to examples
  4. Two structured exercises suitable for education/training programs in intercultural learning


Faculty Facilitator

Dr. Milton Bennett is a senior faculty member of IDRAcadamy, an adjunct member of the Faculty of Sociology at University of Milano Bicocca, and a founding fellow of the International Academy of Intercultural Research. Previously he was an associate professor of communication at Portland State University, where for 15 years he directed the graduate program in intercultural communication, and subsequently co-founded the Intercultural Communication Institute and its Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. In addition to his academic activities, Dr. Bennett provides consulting and training for universities and K-12 school districts on using an intercultural approach to international study and domestic diversity and inclusion programs.

Dr. Bennett is known for originating the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity and his text Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Paradigms, Principles, & Practices. Following his life-long interest in the philosophy of science, Milton currently generates new theory and research through the Intercultural Development Research Institute (IDRInstitute), which operates in the US and Europe.


For information and registration to this course: https://guarini.dartmouth.edu/about/events/facilitating-intercultural-consciousness

For non-Dartmouth participants tuition is 300,00 USD for one day workshop, including coffee breaks and lunch. For Dartmouth participants, please contact Guarini.Institute@dartmouth.edu regarding discounts.

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