Papers from Moving Beyond Mobility Conference, Berlin 2008

Study abroad for global engagement: The long-term impact of mobility experiences

R. Michael Paige*, Gerald W. Fry, Elizabeth M. Stallman, Jasmina Josić and Jae-Eun Jon
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, USA

This article reports on the preliminary results of a research project – Beyond Immediate Impact: Study Abroad for Global Engagement (SAGE) – that examines the long-term impact of study abroad on various forms of global engagement. The study employs a retrospective tracer study and mixed methods research design. Survey results from 6,391 study abroad participants reveal that study abroad has had an impact on five dimensions of global engagement (civic engagement, knowledge production, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, and voluntary simplicity) as well as on subsequent educational and career choices. 63 interviews also were conducted to provide more detailed life stories about the role of study abroad on global engagement, education, and career paths. Three of these case studies are presented. Data were also gathered concerning study abroad program characteristics and participant characteristics. In future analyses, the relationships among these variables will be examined.

Study abroad for global engagement

R. Michael Paige, Gerald W. Fry, Elizabeth M. Stallman, Jasmina Josić and Jae-Eun Jon