IDRAcademy at a Glance

The IDRAcademy program is intended for professionals who want to implement new paradigm approaches to their work in business, education, and social action. The new paradigm – constructivism – extends the philosophy of quantum mechanics into social science, incorporating ideas of self-reflexive consciousness, co-ontogenic evolution, and intentionality into leadership, teaching, and change agentry. The overall learning goal of the program is to provide a coherent theory- into-practice framework for working in multiple interconnected contexts.

Upcoming Courses

Intercultural Development Diploma

IDRAcademy offers the Intercultural Development Diploma to participants who have met the following requirements representing a substantial preparation in constructivist intercultural theory and practice:

  • Completion of the core course Applying the New Paradigm  (various titles, but must include Paradigms and DMIS). Online or in presence.
  • Completion of the Embodied Culture course. In presence, various locations.
  • Completion of two additional courses offered by IDRAcademy, online or in presence.
  • Submission of an acceptable brief research report or paper on the application of constructivist intercultural theory in a professional context.

The exact Diploma curriculum may be customized for in-house programs.


Graduates of the IDRAcademy Intercultural Development Diploma

Facilitating Intercultural Consciousness: Applying the New Paradigm

The course will establish the new paradigm of constructivism that is supplanting positivism and relativism in social science and show how it supports intercultural consciousness.

Constructivist Intercultural Training and Assessment

This course is about how to redefine the goals and methods of intercultural training in a way that preserves the ideas of cultural identity and diversity while avoiding the pitfalls of political correctness.

The Intercultural Dimension of International Educational Exchange

Study abroad is a natural part of our adaptation to the exponential social change facing our species.  But the lofty goals of a sojourn may be overwhelmed by the logistics of travel, the delights of tourism, and/or the various distractions of “personal growth.”

Intercultural Citizenship: Making a Difference in Communities and Organizations

The overall goal of this course is to consider innovative approaches to intervening in the social and educational efforts necessary to support viable multicultural societies. The course will explore innovative approaches for the activation of intercultural citizenship in practical terms, based on a coherent conceptual structure.

Embodied Culture: Discovering the Feeling of Self and Other in Cultural Context

This course will activate this long journey of discovery that leads to incorporating intercultural competence into one’s praxis of living.

Internal Intercultural Consulting

This 2-day course will focus concepts from the core Constructivist Foundations and Sustainable Development courses onto the particular challenges of leading a coherent intercultural development effort as an internal consultant.

Engaging Diversity and Constructing Inclusion

This course demonstrates how using a constructivist developmental approach to diversity and inclusion can couple social equity with intercultural competence, fostering an emotionally healthy environment that in turn optimizes performance and ignites innovation.

Entering Alternative Experience Through Observational Categories

This one-day workshop is intended for faculty and administrators of study abroad and other international education programs. It is designed to stand alone as an overview of how to use “constructed observational categories” in pre-departure on-site intercultural learning programs.