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The Intercultural Development Research Institute is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to contribute to a constructivist definition of the field of intercultural communication and to support continuing and new research in intercultural development.

Through this website we intend to promote, collect and disseminate publications in this field and to alert visitors to upcoming activities sponsored by IDRInstitute and courses offered by IDRAcademy.

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New Course on Internal Intercultural Consulting!

In order to survive and thrive in current interconnected and diverse global environments, organizations must manage differences effectively. Yet strategic management of the cross-cultural dynamic is a competence that very few organizations or professionals have had the opportunity to develop. Increasingly, human resource and organization development practitioners are asked to lead such development, often getting pushed into an "expert" position without adequate preparation. This 2-day course will focus concepts from the core Constructivist Foundations and Sustainable Development courses onto the particular challenges of leading a coherent intercultural development effort as an internal consultant.

March 9-10, 2015, Milan

For more info and to register click here

25/02/2015 - 10/03/2015

Five Constructivist Courses in Milan this Spring 2015

Five courses will be offered in Milan in the period between February the 25th and March the 10th. They can all be enrolled as part of the Intercultural Development Diploma. Check out title and dates at this link

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